Sunday, May 11, 2008

The day after the accident

yesterday morning(saturday)
after doing marketing..mum n ftr went to s2 the police station to do a report about the car accident held yesterday night..
after they done the report..a police officer told them..the ah pek came to police station early in the do police report too..
BUT..that stupid ah pek..didn't bring his IC and his driving license..
hey..ahpek..U first time go do police report kah?????don't know what to bring de meh????swt..
so..he have to go back and take his IC and driving license to police station again..

after that...mum and ftr went to few 2nd hand shop to find for a 2nd hand car..
mum is looking for a Kenari Aerosport..RM20k++ - RM30k
but..too bad..she failed..none of the cars spec meet her requirement...
no point lo..mah come back home lo...

Saturday, May 10, 2008

What The Fuck!!!!!!!!!!!Good Bye to NAC 5000~~

Just and me was in xm copy movie..suddenly.mum called me and said :" MY CAR CRASH AGAIN....IN FRONT CRASH...BACK OSO CRASH..etc etc."

Place : just infront of Forbidden City (Lobak)
Time : 12am.

i quickly call ws n fetch me to the place..there was crowded when we just step down from the car...
i saw my parents moody faces sitting there...
Then..i go see how was my car..
the tyre was puncture!!!mum gave me her hp and called me to snap the picture..
due to her hp camera is not that good quality...the picture is quite blur..but still afford to see it..
here are some pictures about my car..
Wira = my car
Saga = another person car that park behind my car
Nissan Sunny = the drive..(pet pet people)

This is the Pet Pet car that hit my car!!!!

the nissan sunny crashed my car...the impact was too big..n my car crash the proton saga...
got people saw the driver was drinking beer in a food court near by..but after the accident,the driver ran away..a few indian guys found a sijil perkahwinan in the car..from there..we know that the driver is a CHINESE...Old Man...
His car number plate is BCC 9666..he tear off his roadtax before he ran away..but he didn't know one mum do business with motor vehicle insurance..

mum say she don't want this car already...
Good Bye NAC 5000